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follow link American Eastern Trading delivers value through cost saving, increased quality and services. 

Quality Control

We adhere to maintaining high quality standards not just in service delivery but also in providing best quality products in all segments.

Product Knowledge

AETLLC have a large variety of products from different segments. We provide an in-depth product knowledge to all our customers

Direct Sourcing

We guide you through the entire export process from initial samples to smooth completion of international financial transactions


At AETLLC, we provide in house Logistics services for import and export to our clients making us unique in segment

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We have a wide and strong network of suppliers to cater to a wider range of merchandise from a number of established manufacturers

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American Eastern Trading llc.

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A team a committed people who deliver best multiple services as product providers, procurers, or brokers for wholesalers and manufacturers, we are American Eastern Trading LLC., one of the most reputed and established names in the business. American Eastern trading LLC is a US based buying house that matches client specifications with outstanding products in a time bound schedule, with a strong supplier base for a wide range of merchandise. We are relentlessly motivated to deliver service satisfaction to our clients

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American Eastern Trading LLC firmly adheres to maintaining high quality standards not just in service delivery but also in providing best quality products in all segments.  With stringent quality control measures, American Eastern Trading LLC is product sourcing agency that delivers all your product specifications.

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At AETLLC, we also provide information about Supplier production capability, Quality testing and the certification of products

Communication Communication

Our staff proficiency on Language and management skills, saves your Time and Travelling effort and cost

Negotiating Negotiating

We can negotiate the best price  for the products you want to buy and do the market price analysis of the products on your behalf

Logistics Logistics

At AETLLC, We also do Warehousing, Trucking, Cargo Ships and Customs  for our beloved clients to provide best user experience

Quality Control Quality Control

We can manage to arrange adequate testings on your behalf to Catch each and every Potential Issues Early  enough

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Any cybersport bookmaker in any game has a line on total even-odd, for example, odd-odd frags in CS: GO or even-odd-odd killings in arcanebet esports betting . In this article, using a large sample of Dota 2 statistics, I cheat odd is applicable to eSports.